The Red Haven peach is a unique Michigan Produce that was developed by MSU professor Dr. Stanley Johnson in 1940. It was the first red-skinned commercial peach and has come to be known as the peach that all others are judged against. It is the most popular peach planted in Michigan.

Our philosophy is simple: Local First. We developed Red Haven to showcase the best of what Michigan offers in our food, drinks and décor. We work directly with the farmers who grow the food and buy it when it is ripe and at its peak to be served. Food is only as good as the ingredients you start with. Our goal is to serve you innovative, creative and fresh cuisine.

Ten Hens Farm


Deimer's Winter Garden

Earthy Delights

Green Eagle Farm

Lake Whitefish Co

McLaughlin Farm

Meridian Farm Market Shrimp

Nightingale Farm

Santucci Farms

Shangri La Too Farms

Spartan Country Meats

Wildflower Eco Farm

The woodwork throughout the restaurant was reclaimed from an old barn in Charlotte, Michigan which artists at Against the Grain repurposed to create a rustic yet modern décor. Did you notice our unusual wooden light fixtures and wine storage boxes? They are well worn and used cherry lug boxes from the farms of friends and family along Old Mission Peninsula.

Seasonal photographs are the work of Jena McShane and Peter Mowry who visited farms of our local suppliers to surround you with the rustic beauty of the food we serve.