[starters & salads]

[chestnut bisque]
creamy chestnut bisque with caramelized onions and cocoa nibs [9]

house made potato crusted herb focaccia with cheese fondue sauce [9]

house cut salt and pepper russet fries [5]
fries dusted in kimchi powder and sriracha aioli [6]

[general tso cauliflower]
crispy general tso style cauliflower with cucumber-red onion salad, dusted with walnut dukkah [14]

[winter harvest salad]
winter lettuce mix, grapefruit, blood orange and orange segments, pomegranate seeds, poppyseed viniagrette [15]

[vegetable carpaccio]
thinly sliced beet, apple, radish, turnip, and leeks with micro mix, puffed rice, and maple-sherry vinaigrette [12]

add grilled chicken [3.5]
add marinated tofu [3]


[shrimp burger]
ground shrimp burger, celery root slaw, truffled aioli, brioche bun  [16]

[bison patty melt]
bison burger, cranberry mustard aioli, creamed leeks, raclette cheese, griddled marbled rye [18]

[pork banh mi]
lime-ginger braised pork shoulder, pickled carrot & daikon, lentil walnut oate, sriracha aioli, micro cilantro [16]

[tofu banh mi]
vietnamese marianated tofu, pickled carrot & daikon, lentil walnut pate, vegan sriracha aioli, micro cilantro [14]

add side salt & pepper fries [3]
add side mix greens or carpaccio  [3]

 Menu cont.


[mac n cheese]
penne pasta in a michigan blend cheese sauce with smoked house andouille sausage, braised greens, baked with spicy breadcrumbs  [22]

[rabbit enchiladas]
cumin-lime roasted rabbit enchiladas with huitlachoche sauce, fresno chili sauce and cilantro-lime crema, crumbled feta [16]

[bulgolgi bowl]
ground beef bulgolgi with steamed rice, shaved carrot, roasted brussel sprouts, pickled peanuts, gingered fish sauce vinaigrette [18]

rainbow trout fillet with roasted mushrooms and squash puree baked in parchment, citrus-herb gremolata sauce [22]

[tempeh chorizo tacos]
house chorizo spiced tempeh, hand pressed corn tortillas, cranberry jam, winter salsa, pepitas [20]

[braised shortrib dinner for two]
braised and grilled beef shortrib, herb marinated grilled mushrooms, blood orange-red onion, house naan, yougurt sauce [65]

[kids menu]

[the natalie]
marinated grilled chicken with french fries and side of fresh fruit [7]

[naan pepperoni pizza]
grilled naan with pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce [7]

[mac n cheese]
hidden veggie cheese sauce with pasta and side of fresh fruit [6]
add turkey meatballs [3]


[eggnog bread pudding]
brioche bread pudding with eggnog custard and cocoa nibs [10]

[apple pear crisp]
vegan crisp with gluten free crumb topping [10]

[sweet potato creme brulee]
sweet potato-mexican chocolate custard with spiced sugar brulee [9]