Lunch Menu

these menus are not currently available, view our take out menu from the home page of our website

[starters & soups]

fresh baked foccacia, chevre-fennel kale spread [5]

house cut salt and pepper russet fries tossed in egg yolk, rosemary and lemon [6]
or tossed in kimchi powder [6]
or with cheddar cheese sauce [6]

[potato leek soup]
dairy free soup with baby leeks and olive oil [6]

[carrot soup]
carrot, coconut, lime, peanut, cilantro [6]


[harvest salad]
mix greens, citrus plumped raisin and cherry, fresh pear and apple, spiced pumpkin seeds, cherry-balsamic vinaigrette  [13]

[zen garden salad]
baby spinach, shaved cabbage, carrot, and kohlrabi, cucumber ribbons, grilled leek, braised coriander seed, asian chili vinaigrette [13]

[vegetable carpaccio]
sliced beet, apple, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, leek, micro greens, puffed rice, maple-sherry vinaigrette [9]

add grilled chicken [3.5]
add marinated tofu [3]

[lunch plates]

[patty plate]
black bean-mushroom-tempeh patty served over a cauliflower cashew sauce and topped with mixed greens, roasted red pepper and saffron-citrus vinaigrette [13]

[bacon mac and cheese]
evergreen lane creamery mattone cheeese-parsnip sauce, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, rye breadcrumbs [15]

[quiche du jour]
ask your server for todays filling, served with a side mixed green salad [12]


[shrimp burger]
ground shrimp burger, celery root slaw, truffled aioli, brioche bun  [15]

ground pork and beef burger, spicy ketchup, cheddar cheese, chili flake-cilantro brioche bun [14]

[mushroom "cheesesteak"]
marinated mushrooms, roasted peppers, caramlized onions, vegan cheese sauce, topped with pickled garlic, peppers, and onions on a hoagie bun [15]

[strip steak reuben]
strip steak pastrami, brinery sauerkraut, 1000 island aioli, noelle cheese, marbled rye  [16]

[buffalo chicken sandwich]
almond crusted chicken, shaved celery in a hot sauce vinaigrette, smokey bleu cheese aioli, sourdough [14]

add side french fries [3-4]
add side mix green or carpaccio  [3]
add cup of potato soup [3]
add cup of carrot bisque [3]

Dinner Menu

Our menu is designed for [sharing], tasting, [sipping], laughing and [enjoying] for [dinner] we recommend 2-3 [plates] per person - but feel free to [explore] for your enjoyment.


carrot, coconut, lime, peanut, cilantro  [8]
shooter [2.5]

focaccia, rosemary,chevre, fennel, kale [7]

beet, radish, turnip, apple, sherry [12]

kohlrabi, carrot, sriracha, fish sauce, mint [11]

mattone, fingerling, parsnip, sourdough, apple [18]

oyster, chili, pickle [14]
*dine in only

butterball, salt cod, celery, fennel, caper [14]

acorn squash, cider, maple, hazelnut, sesame [15]

egg, chorizo, potato, tortilla, cilantro  [16]
*dine in only

black bean, mushroom, rutabaga, cashew, cauliflower [24]

scallop, mussels, grapefruit, celery root, fennel [29]
*dine in only

chicken, mushroom, red wine, onion, polenta [26]

pork, beef, cheddar, kimchee, brioche  [21]

pastrami, cabbage, carrot, rye, noelle [28]

lamb rack, yogurt, cherry, red wine, cocoa [34]

duck, scallop, plum, bok choy, jus  [26]

[happy hour]

daily at bar 5-7

focaccia, rosemary, chevre, fennel, kale  [5]

carrot, coconut, lime, peanut, cilantro [5]

beet, radish, trunip, apple, sherry [5]

kohlrabi, carrot, sriracha, fish sauce, mint [5]

mattone, fingerling, parsnip, sourdough, appple [7]

oyster, chili, pickle [3]