Lunch Menu

[starters & soups]

fresh baked foccacia with pickled giardiniera [5]

house cut salt and pepper russet fries
tossed in egg yolk, rosemary and lemon [6]
or tossed in garlic and herbs [6]
or with cheddar cheese sauce [6]

[roasted red pepper soup]
with garlic chips and black olive oil [6]


[harvest salad]
mizuna, candied walnuts, julienne turnip, warm cranberry-maple vinaigrette [13]

[autumn chop salad]
romaine, roasted delicata squash, queso fresco, shaved fennel, caramelized onion-apple cider vinaigrette [13]

[vegetable carpaccio]
sliced beet, apple, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, leek, micro greens, puffed rice, maple-sherry vinaigrette [9]

add grilled chicken [3.5]
add grilled shrimp [5.5]

[lunch plates]

[ bulgogi beef bowl ]
ground beef, roasted brussel sprouts, shaved carrot, cabbage, pickled peanuts, rice, gingered fish sauce vinaigrette [14]

[butternut "pasta" ragu]
butternut "noodles", tempeh chorizo, sunchoke puree, pickled apple, walnut parmesan [13]

[quiche du jour]
ask your server for today's filling, served with a side mix green salad [12]


[shrimp sausage banh mi]
shrimp-pork sausage, pickled carrot & daikon, lentil-walnut pate, sriracha, fish sauce aioli  [15]

lamb burger, harissa, orange-grilled red onion jam, spinach, honey chevre yogurt, brioche bun [14]

[roasted cauliflower sandwich]
roasted cauliflower, roasted red pepper romesco, apple-dried cranberry slaw, sourdough  [12 1/2]

[pulled pork sammy]
12 hour roast pork butt, keith's bbq sauce, apple-cabbage slaw, pretzel bun [13]

[souther fried chicken sandwich]
almond crusted chicken, tasso ham-creamed collard greens, blis blast honey, brioch bun  [13 ]

add side salt & pepper fries [3]
add side mix green or carpaccio  [3]
add cup of soup [3]

Dinner Menu

Our menu is designed for [sharing], tasting, [sipping], laughing and [enjoying] for [dinner] we recommend 2-3 [plates] per person - but feel free to [explore] for your enjoyment.


red pepper, garlic, black olive  [8]
shooter [2.50 ]

focaccia, rosemary, garlic, giardeniera, chili [7]

flowers, fennel, paw paw, verjus, pumpkin  [14]

beet, apple, radish, maple, sherry [12]

ricotta, honey, squash, pepita, graham  [16]

sweet potato, feta, chorizo, coriander, lime [14]

brussels, cauliflower, sriracha, dukkah, shiso [15]

sunchoke, lemon, celery, ginger, anise [15]

bone marrow, kohlrabi, huitlacoche, rye, thyme [19]

beet, broccoli, lemongrass, horseradish, “steak” sauce [22]

chicken, tasso, collards, coffee, cayenne [25]

shrimp, pork, carrot, daikon, pâté [24]

walleye, onion, cabbage, apple, pretzel [25]

venison, black garlic, asian pear, cranberry, salsify [27]

strip steak, truffle, rutabaga, puffed pastry, tomato [49]

[happy hour]

daily at bar 5-7

focaccia, rosemary, garlic, giardiniera, chili  [5]

red pepper, veloute, garlic, black olive [5]

brussels, cauliflower, sriracha, dukkah, shiso [5]

sweet potato, chorizo, feta, cilantro [5]

chef's choice cheese with house made condiments [5]