[small plates]

chestnut, caramelized onion, thyme, shaved chocolate,    rosemary bubbles [9]      soup shooter [3]

house made roasted garlic-herb focaccia, pie pumpkin, fondue, apple [14]

thinly sliced beet, apple, radish, maple-sherry vinaigrette, puffed rice, micro greens [12]

grilled cabbage wedge, brown sugar ricotta dressing, cranberry, orange, sage, walnut [12]

crispy brussel sprouts, butternut puree, smoked candy walnuts, pickled red onion, crumbled bleu, cocoa honey [16]


chili-tempura delicata squash rings, chipotle lime-maple veganaise


russet potato, feta, yogurt, pickled turnip, red onion [9]   add curried lamb [4]

black garlic-coffee rubbed pork tenderloin, cranberry-jalapeño salsa, cider jus [16]

[large plates]

caramelized onion and cabbage, sauerkraut, polish-style smoked tempeh "kielbasa", rye crumble [22]

crispy onion crusted lake superior walleye, smoked celery, chamomile-shrimp broth [28]

herb roasted mushroom stuffed split chicken (approx. 1.5 lbs.), braised greens, chicken jus [32]

venison denver leg, smoked celery root puree, grilled leeks, feta crumbles, pickled cranberry, jus [28]

 Menu cont.


all burgers served on a brioche bun with a side of salt and pepper fries

[shrimp burger]
ground shrimp burger, broccoli slaw, sriracha-sesami aioli  [18]

[veggie burger]
olive-tempeh-fennel-bean burger, olive veganaise, baby greens [16]

[bison burger]
ground bison burger, red onion confit, herb roasted tomato, micro greens, stone ground mustard [20]

[chicken burger]
ground chicken burger, squash noodles, basil aioli [18]

[kids menu]

currently unavailable


baked meringue, whipped cream, maple cinammon figs, cardamon pistachio crumble [10]

[apple upside down cake]
caramelized apple, gluten free applesauce cake, maple almond-cashew ice cream, apple chip, vegan caramel [10]

[sweet potato pie]
roast sweet potato "cheesecake", fluff whip cream, gluten free graham cracker pecan crust [10]